Mexico City in the Aftermath of the Deadly September 19th Earthquake

Approximately 305^ people have been confirmed dead in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the centre of Mexico on September 19th, 2017. The disaster occurred exactly 32 years after a couple of earthquakes destroyed a good part of Mexico City.

Mexican armed forces rescuing people from the rubble. Image by Raúl Morales.

[You can read stories from the people affected by the earthquake in more than 5 languages in Global Voices]

Thousands of volunteers have taken to the streets to provide help however, Mexican armed forces have assumed operational command and have asked that people with no experience working in collapsed structures, refrain from showing up to the ruined buildings.

volunteers mexico
Volunteers are being transported to the collapsed buildings. Image by TRC.
Mexican army and marine corps have been deployed in Mexico City to undertake command of the rescue efforts. Image by TRC.

Office facilities as well as apartment buildings have been severely damaged in the Narvarte district, not far from the Historic Centre of Mexico City.

Damaged office building in Mexico City. Image by TRC.
Severely damaged apartment building in Mexico City. Image by TRC.

Civil Protection brigades have assisted in rescue of people trapped in rubble but also providing relief to the thousands of the City workers involved in the labours.

A Civil Protection volunteer distributes bottled water among city workers. Image by TRC.

Virtually all newspapers have the deadly earthquake on the front page:

This is what the newspapers look like in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake. Image by TRC.

On September 20th, more than 30 hours after the disaster, emergency service vehicles and helicopters can be heard in any point of the city. Rescue teams continue to dig people out from under the rubble…

September 20th, 2017.



*All photographs taken by the author and/or by Raúl Morales.

^Updated September 23rd. Figure by


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