My Top 5 Whistling Songs

Top songs or song countdowns around the web are just pretentious pieces for some people… most of them think they are rigged and/or serve no real purpose. On the other hand, a friend of mine −yes, you could say he’s a publicist− told me a few weeks ago “people love to be told what to read, what bands they should listen to and even what songs to look for”.

I reckon I don’t have that much information about the few people who stumble upon this little space of the world wide web to tell if they enjoy countdowns or not, but I’m going to leave this one here anyway, with the top 5 whistling songs in my book.

By the way, if you’re reading this only to find out if ‘Wind of Change’ will be featured, you might as well leave now.

  1. ‘Lonesome Street’ by Blur.

Album: The Magic Whip, 2015.


  1. ‘Patience’ by Guns N’ Roses.

Album: G N’ R Lies, 1988.

  1. ‘Whistle for the Choir’ by The Fratellis.

Album: Costello Music, 2006.


  1. ‘You Were Right’ by Badly Drawn Boy.

Album: Have You Fed the Fish?, 2002.

  1. ‘Young Folks’ by Peter Bjorn and John (featuring Victoria Bergsman).

Album: Writer’s Block, 2006.



Bonus song: ‘The Boy With the Arab Strap’ by Belle & Sebastian… it’s usually played with a flute but you can whistle the melody happily, I know I do!


There, if you’d like to share another one feel free to do it in the comments section.


July 5th, 2017.



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