US Presidential Election: My Two Cents

Washington Monument. Image by TRC.

I am not an American. Maybe you’re not an American either but we have another thing in common: we’ve endured a global presidential campaign that lasted for 19 months. 19 long and disgraceful months.

For most non-Americans, the campaign focused on two characters, one portrayed as the devil incarnate and another one as an angel from the heavens – needless to say there are no angels here. There are no such things as angels when it comes to politics.

Mainstream media took part in an operation to deliver a fair amount of shock therapy worldwide. They were successful. Stocks and foreign currencies went up and down as desired, corresponding the polls and the mere mention of one candidate’s name. Analysts and opinion leaders from different countries anticipated one possible outcome would lead the world to complete and utter chaos.

Few people however remained calm. Virtually nobody said “don’t panic”. Little or no space was given to those who could help people understand the presidency –even that of the United States of America– is bigger than any man or woman. Accordingly, a surprising number of scholars seemed to have forgotten about the separation of powers and the difference between a president in a democracy and an absolutist ruler in a monarchy.

Fortunately the lengthy campaign is now over. The sun will come out on November 9th, 2016 and we ought to return to our normal lives. In my opinion we need to reflect on how the mainstream media brought fear and despair – and how the powers that be benefited from such fear during so many months.

Let us remember the world cannot –and will not– be ruled by one single individual because humankind has spent centuries preventing such dangerous scenario from becoming a reality. The Americans have a right, as many other citizens from different countries, to elect their president freely – even it he or she is not a perfect one. Nevertheless they’ll need to cope with the rights and wrongs of the individual they elected. The world must not be their hostage.

And let us remember once again how mainstream media are not a synonym of free press, so their goal is not to create an informed public. This time they fixated in creating a frightened one. They must not be allowed by audiences to wield this power at will.


November 8th, 2016.




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