Photo credit: Honda Aircraft Company
Photo credit: Honda Aircraft Company

Say good bye to the SUV era

So, it is the year 2015 and no, we do not have flying cars over our homes and offices as the science fiction movies predicted ― we get massive traffic jams instead! In big cities that is. But now, people with extra cash in their pockets will get a chance to avoid those thanks to the Honda HA-420 HondaJet which is one step closer to receiving its FAA approval.

The HondaJet has been in development for almost 30 years now, but manufacturer is expecting to begin mass production soon to deliver the more than 100 units that have been ordered so far by customers in North America and Europe.

This light business jet has a length of almost 13 metres and a height of 4.5, with room for 6 people including crew. An alternative configuration is available to accommodate 7 people (1 crew + 6 passengers or 2 crew + 5 passengers). It can achieve a maximum speed of 778 km/h (420 knots) but has a cruising speed of 483 km/h.


HondaJet has a range of 2,185 kilometres (1358 miles) with 4 occupants, crew and passengers altogether, quite enough for travelling from London to Edinburgh and back! Put it another way, it has enough range for a single trip from New York City to Chicago (with fuel to spare).

So forget the fancy sports cars or overpriced first class tickets with airlines and start saving for your own HondaJet, which comes at a price of only $4.5 million dollars! ― Errrrr…

Then again, if you had the $4.5 million right now you could blow it all in a Lamborghini Veneno instead.

Photo credit: Honda Aircraft Company.
Photo credit: Honda Aircraft Company.

December 9th 2015.





Honda Aircraft Company.



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