Passenger bitten by violent man on board

Update: It has been disclosed that the man who bit a passenger in an Aer Lingus flight and later was pronounced dead, was named John Kennedy Santos Gurjao, from Brazil. Allegedly this man was carrying within his body an enormous amount of cocaine, valued in £40,000.00 approximately.

An Aer Lingus flight bound to Dublin, Ireland, was diverted after a man showed unexplained violent behaviour and bit at least one of the other passengers. The incident led to the restraining of the violent subject who was later reported deceased.

Aer Lingus - Roma

The Daily Mirror reports in its online edition an injured passenger was taken from Cork airport to a hospital following an emergency landing. The man who died ―believed to be from Brazil― “ran amok” before being pronounced dead.

The 24-year-old Brazilian man became agitated then unwell during an Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon to Dublin:

A post-mortem examination is to be carried out according to other sources.

On a different incident, on Sunday 18th, 2015, a Southwest Airlines had to return to its origin due to a violent episode among passengers. FBI agents responded and met the aircraft at LAX taking a man into custody for questioning.

Hey, flight attendant just called. Evidently we got two passengers that are in a physical altercation so we need to get turned around back to LAX: Pilot of the Southwest Airlines flight 2010.

The flight was bound to San Francisco, California. The remaining passengers switched planes and departed to the destination shortly after midnight, according to ABC News.

Don’t know about the rest of you, but this biting and fighting on board kind of reminds me of that film ‘Word War Z’.


October 19th, 2015.




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