Nitro shots: Not so cool after all

For most people out there, nitrogen [N] is just a harmless chemical element in the periodic table. Liquid nitrogen for moviegoers and film enthusiasts is the diatomic liquid used to temporarily freeze a Terminator in the beloved film ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ (1991).

In any event liquid nitrogen is not something ordinary people talk about on a daily basis, at least not unless you feel the urge to comment on the not-so-bright individuals who got into a pool where liquid nitrogen was poured during a Jägermeister party and ended up severely injured (some of them in a coma).


Nevertheless, some bar owners still think it is a good idea to serve the liquid nitrogen in shots… and some people think it is cool to drink it. This new trend has sparked attention because of the case of Gaby Scanlon, a British lady who had her stomach removed due to the damage caused by one of those shots while celebrating her 18th birthday at Oscar’s Wine Bar and Bistro in Preston, Lancashire.

Talk about drinking responsibly

So how did it happen? Well, take at what a prosecutor argued in court:

Gaby Scanlon, who had just turned 18, went out for a birthday celebration with friends. At about 8.45pm they go to Oscar’s Wine Bar, where she orders a cool shot of nitro Jägermeister, which is warm liquor with liquid hydrogen. Four shots are poured and all four members of the party, including Gaby Scanlon, drink them before two more shots are poured. Immediately after consuming the second drink she is violently ill. She vomits clear liquid, pouring from her mouth and steam comes out her nose. The liquid nitrogen hits her stomach and begins killing her internal tissue. Her stomach had to be removed and her bowel connected to her oesophagus. The surgeon who carried out the operation said if it had not been removed she would have died. She still suffers very seriously from stomach pains and bacteria gathering where the stomach should be causes residual problems. Daily Mail.

The bar where the hazardous drink was served has been fined and ordered to pay reparations to the injured customer.

Editor’s note: While we consider the responsible consumption of beer, wine and spirits a matter of pleasure for the senses, and we have experienced the consequences of the abusive intake in more than one occasion, we would like to advise our dear readers to refrain from putting liquid nitrogen into their mouths and bellies. We believe all of you are cool enough even without the vomit and steam coming out from your nose.


September 17th, 2015.




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