Özil pays for life-saving surgical procedures

Oezil ArsenalNever underestimate the superb value of a selfless act of kindness

German midfielder and Arsenal superstar Mesut Özil might not be among the nominees to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or and might not make the sports press headlines each week however, his goodwill should not be taken for granted.

In this day and age when football stars are caught peeing on the streets of Saint Tropez (way to go Cristiano Ronaldo) and compete for who’s the one with the juiciest salary, Mesut Özil caught our attention by financing life-saving surgical procedures for underprivileged kids in South America.  It is not the first time Özil has helped the kids in need, considering he pulled the same good deed last year after Die Nationalmannschaft won the FIFA World Cup.

According to The Hard Tackle, Özil used his entire World Cup bonus in his charity actions last year, helping 23 kids back then.

Even one year after we won the World Cup, I want to continue to leave a positive mark in Brazil by financing eleven more children’s operations […] For me it’s very important that I carry on providing help for the children of Brazil: Mesut Özil.

Özil’s off-the-pitch actions make me proud to be a Gooner and a proud fan of Özil himself. May he continue to marvel us with his brilliant ball control and playmaking abilities, as well as his prized philanthropy.

Victoria Concordia Crescit

Ozil jersey

July 13th, 2015.




Sources: The Independent and EuroSport.


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