Terminator Genisys

The worst instalment so far

TerminatorI could not resist writing about my experience with Terminator Genisys, a truly disappointing one.

First of all I ought to slam the movie for ignoring the storyline of the previous instalment Terminator Salvation (2009) just for the sake of resetting the past (future?) and keep the franchise going for at least two more movies.

I disagree with the cast choice, beginning with the role of Sarah Connor. Sarah Connor as all characters has a particular look and physiognomy, you know: slim, athletic, tough. Emilia Clarke is none of the above although she’s hotter than Linda Hamilton I’ll give you that. Imagine a Superman with a belly and an obvious overweight issue, it just does not work! A cast director would get the sack for hiring Vicent D’Onofrio as the Man of Steel, right? So as much as the producers might argue they felt the need to revamp the character, Emilia Clarke was the wrong choice. The same goes to Jai Courtney by the way.

Spoiler alert!

Everybody loves a plot twist every now and then but, John Connor as a machine? A machine more advanced than any other of the Terminators around? For fuck’s sake! That’s got to count as one of the poorest writing choices in the history of Hollywood. And now that we’re on the writers’ issues, their attempts to sneak in comedy bits with Arnie’s fake laugh (especially during the mug shots) were all abysmal and don’t even get me started on the choice of songs (Bad Boys, seriously?).

Marcus WrightTerminator Salvation and Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) were pretty decent movies I reckon. Both of them had some minor slips but were infinitely better than Terminator Genisys in my book. Ok! Terminator Salvation had a couple of unforgivable blunders (Marcus Wright as a heart donor is one of them!) but succeeded in the challenge of providing an acceptable sequel for the franchise, portraying a pretty feasible setting of a post-apocalyptical world with no laser guns involved.

Some critics have said Terminator is a great story[1] but the movies have failed so far to develop the huge potential within, maybe that’s right, I’m not sure, but I can tell Terminator Genisys is certainly a disgrace for movies involving time travel and super advanced machines. For me it is as lame as Spider-Man 3 (2007) and Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014).


July 10th, 2015.



[1] The idea of a Skynet-like system becoming self-aware in the real life is frightening but quite frankly less far-fetched every day!


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