Bombardier C Series to make its debut at Le Bourget

Bombardier newest airliner, the C Series is scheduled to fly today in the Paris Air Show. The narrow-body, twin-engine jetliner has already completed test flights for both of its current variants, the CS100 and the CS300.

Three years ago we reported some of the features of this new family of aircraft with no prototypes built at that time. Nowadays, the C Series is two years late and over-budget according to the BBC.

Manufacturer is displaying the C Series with a CS100 painted in the colors of Swiss International Air Lines, in a bid to boost the orders and overcome the deferrals the program has faced. Bombardier is trying to lure buyers with the promise the C Series offers airlines over 25% direct maintenance cost advantage due to its optimized maintenance program, advanced systems integration and high-technology engine design. [1] The C Series is expected to burn 20% less fuel per trip than its competitors (Boeing 737 and Airbus A320).

Aviation analyst Scott Hamilton has praised this display at the Paris Air Show:

Having the airplanes there for show-and-tell, touch-and-feel and flying demonstrates tangible success. The information that the planes not only meet guarantees but exceed brochure claims (which are not the same thing), is even better: Scott Hamilton.

Logo Paris Airshow

June 17th, 2015.



[1] Bombardier


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