Cebu After Midnight

City of Cebu. Philippines. It is 03:45 in the morning, we’re partying after the biggest experience of our lives but little do we know about the life of this place after the lights go down.

We are following Ignacio, 9-year old ‘Nacho’, this kid who comes to our table, asking for a few coins or something to eat. His life is away from our comfortable hotel rooms.

A busy street with public local transport vehicles A.K.A. jeepneys (some of them painted resembling Spier Man) leads our way. We find Nacho’s deteriorating neighborhood, but he’s not alone. His siblings and his mates are with him. They seem hesitant at first, but in a few minutes they realize we are just friends with them.

CEBU kids by Krzysztof and TRC 1

After a few minute’s chat they acknowledge: Nacho’s father was shot last year… They will not tell us why. His mother finally comes out to meet us, she’s not happy. She’s carrying a child born a couple of months ago.

It is harsh but… it makes us think about the things we’ve left behind in hour home countries. Nacho along with his siblings will not go to grammar school, but he can make a change, he just needs a chance.

Photos by Krzysztof and TRC.
Photos by Krzysztof and TRC.


We want to take this opportunity to let the world become aware of kids just like Nacho, in a struggling situation who want to make the difference. Awareness is one of the keys to overcome poverty and inequality.


January 25th, 2015.



Krzysztof & TRC

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