A380 crisis

Financial analysts are calling it the end of the Airbus A380. According to BBC Airbus CFO has said they will need to provide different engines in the aircraft from 2018 to make it more attractive or discontinue making it altogether. The announcement came along with a drop in the company’s shares, the worst in more than six year as reported by Yahoo Finance.

Reuters informs Emirates airlines, main operator for the A380 has expressed discontent with the announcement via their president, Tim Clark:

I am not particularly happy as you can imagine (…) we are on the hook for this plane. I get pretty miffed when we have put so much at stake. Tim Clark.

As of November 2014, 147 units of the A380 are in operation. Production of the aircraft began in 2004 and the first flight took place in April, 2005. The ‘superjumbo’ had a rough start of commercial operations and at some point the entire fleet faced inspections over wing cracks found in some units.

Perhaps it is time for Boeing to pick-up the pieces and increase the sales of their 747-8, the ‘Queen of the Skies’.

Lufthansa has made Airbus A380 its flagship. The German carrier received the first unit in May, 2010 and currently operates flights from its main hub in Frankfurt to San Francisco, New York, Johannesburg and Delhi, among others.


December 11th, 2014.




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