Moyes gets the sack



Don’t hold your breath for Klopp!


As expected, the patience of bosses at Old Trafford ran out and David William Moyes was sacked before the end of what has been dubbed a disastrous season for Manchester United. Former player Ryan Giggs will take over as interim manager ahead of the 4 Premier League remaining matches.


The appointment of a new manager for United will be one of the most anticipated moves in European football this summer with Louis van Gaal (Dutch national team) and Lurent Blanc (Paris Saint-Germain) as some of the stronger candidates for the job.


Sensationalist press and not few United fans have call for Jürgen Klopp (Borussia Dortmund) to take command of the “Red Devils”, the German manager, however has been reported to have expressed no interest in succeeding Moyes. Guardiola (Bayern München) has also ruled out any movement to Old Trafford, and a spokesman for Die Rotten has stated:


Tell the people in England there is no chance: Bayern München.


Nevertheless, it is not wise to rule candidates out at this point, since the end of the season has yet to occur and the World Cup might spark some newfound curiosity among top clubs.


What fans and analysts should really be asking themselves is: “what about Ferguson? He appointed Moyes in the first place!” Accountability is the word. Of course I’m not suggesting “Fergie” should be sued or imprisoned, but his credibility and ability to designate people in top positions ought to take a hit, given Moyes’ tenure with United which apparently will live in infamy.

Let's just not forget who appointed Moyes in the first place, right?
Let’s just not forget who appointed Moyes in the first place, right?


April 22nd, 2014.





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