Copenhagen Zoo kills more of its animals

Copenhagen ZooThey did it again!


The public relations disaster continues as the Copenhagen Zoo has killed four healthy lions, according to reports by The Copenhagen Post.


Earlier this year, the same zoo “euthanized” a young and healthy male giraffe, claiming it was done because of the genes of the animal which were too similar to those of other giraffes in a breading programme. After being put down, the giraffe was butchered in front of zoo gests and fed to the lions.

Marius Copenhagen


Oddly enough the killed lions are the same who are the remains of the “euthanized” giraffe named Marius. This time the zoo claims the felids were killed to avoid inbreeding and in order make room for a new generation.


The Guardian reports the killing was also related to the animal’s pride:


Because of the pride of lions’ natural structure and behaviour, the zoo has had to euthanise the two old lions and two young lions who were not old enough to fend for themselves: Copenhagen Zoo.


In my opinion the PeTA naked supporters ought to pay a visit to those in control of the Copenhagen Zoo to either express their backing to the killing of animals or decry this controversial behaviour.


March 25th, 2014.




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