A glimpse of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Behold the newest addition to the flag carrier airline of Mexico, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

AeroMéxico has just received this 787-8 Dreamliner unit which will begin to operate commercial flights as soon as the covers from the factory are removed. Our aviation enthusiast managed to get inside the aircraft to bring you these exclusive images, take a look!

The flight deck includes a “fly-by-wire” control system and two head-up displays (HUD), making the Dreamliner one of the best equipped jetliners of our day.


DREAMLINER instruments panel image by TRC

DREAMLINER flight deck

Cabin windows are larger than in other aircraft and feature smart glass technology which allows different shades of blue when voltage is applied.


DREAMLINER windows smart glass

Aeromexico Dreamliner business class-economy

DREAMLINER toilet economy class

N965AM Boeing 787 Dreamliner image by TRC

This Dreamliner is the third the Mexican carrier has received so far. The Dreamliners are expected to serve the routes from Mexico City to New York (JFK), Tokyo (NRT) and Paris (CDG). AeroMéxico is the only Mexican carrier operating the Boeing 787; however in the next few months, Mexican Army will receive another version of the Dreamliner, modified for presidential transport.

© All photographs were taken by this blog's author. November 2013.
© All photographs were taken by this blog’s author. November 2013.

November 5th, 2013.





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