X-MEN Days of Future Past

It’s finally out! The official trailer of the new X-Men instalment has been released by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment. Take a look!



Ellen Page, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, they’re all back for this “prequel meets sequel” kind of film, directed by Bryan Singer, scheduled for release on May 23rd, 2014 (United Satates).


Production photo.
Production photo.


Leading the way is Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, whose consciousness is transported back in time to the body of his younger 1970s self in an attempt to prevent an apocalyptic future.

To do so he must find the younger version of Professor X (James McAvoy), who as we see will at some point come face-to-face with his older self (Sir Patrick Stewart): Yahoo Movies.


Superheroes and time travel uh? A powerful combination which could result in a groundbreaking film for a genre stuck in overuse of visual effects and lousy storylines since Green Lantern, or an utter disaster for the fans just like the Transformers movies.


"Patience isn't my strongest suit"
“Patience isn’t my strongest suit”

October 29th, 2013.




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