White House Down Vs. Olympus Has Fallen

Spoiler alert! If you have not seen these films you might want to read this post later.

Which one is better?

2013 marked the release year of two different films on one particular topic: an attack on the official residence of the President of the United States (POTUS).

Which one is better? Well, I definitely can’t tell you which one, I can only say the best films are the ones you like, not the ones headlining the award ceremonies or the ones with the biggest names (and figures) on it. Nevertheless I’ll tell you which one I liked better and that one is Olympus Has Fallen. Why?

 MORGAN FREEMAN Olympus Has Fallen 2013 film

Well, one thing you must know is I am a Roland Emmerich fan since Independence Day. That being said, I reckon Antoine Fuqua managed to get Morgan Freeman in his film which has to count for something. That is not all. According to Wikipedia, he had a budget of $70’000,000.00 USD, less than half of the $150’000, 000.00 Emmerich had to complete his film. That is something you can actually see on screen as Emmerich “destroyed” the Capitol Building, “damaged” the White House and “wrecked” the presidential transports (The Beast and Air Force One). Anyhow, the thing is I enjoyed the cheaper film better.

POTUS the beast

Fuqua got a solid performance by Angela Basset and Melissa Leo, this one on a scene of pure violence as she was beaten almost to death by Rick Yune who portrays the bad guy. This film focused on the lead role’s ability and combat tactics to save the day, while Emmerich’s film used more special effects and even practical jokes by the actor portraying the POTUS: Jamie Foxx.

JAMIE FOXX President Sawyer

In the end I think Olympus Has Fallen has a raw touch of violence usually unseen on this kind of movies whereas White House Down has utter destruction and some moving moments which might have been better achieved by Michael Bay. Imagine the scene by the character of Emily Cale (Joey King) waving the POTUS flag if it had been directed by Bay, it would have included green flares in the background, ethereal music by Trevor Rabin or Hans Zimmer and a controversial pace of editing… might have worked out, don’t you think?

Anyway, I’m sure none of these films will be acclaimed by critics nor they will receive the BAFTA or the Oscar, however I’m sure they are capable of entertaining the action film enthusiasts, just like me.

ECKHART Aaron President Asher Olympus Has Fallen 2013 film

September 24th, 2013.




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