International idleness as people in Syria keep dying

International Law is somewhat ambiguous. Its power is fairly unclear even to law experts, and its lack of prompt efficiency is put on display often, particularly on days like today when we see a nation like Syria, struck by no less than two years of civil war.

Two years of civil war! And what part do powerful nations play in this game? They play the part of diplomats, nothing more than bureaucrats sitting on endless meetings and committees; some fancier than others, in the end, people in Syria keeps dying under the criminal inactivity of the so-called international community.

At this point I’d like to agree with Clive Coleman’s opinion on the matter:

The words “international law” convey the sense of a set of established international rules and authorities agreed by all nations, and easily understood and applied by them.

Sadly that is far from the case, and in practice, it is difficult, if not impossible, to get definitive rulings in international law involving military intervention. Clive Coleman.

Personally I cannot even begin to imagine what a country looks like after 29 months of war. What do people eat? Do they work? How do they get food, water, medicine and supplies? It seems the powers that be (that is the international powers that be) don’t trouble themselves with these questions and just debate indefinitely.

Syria destroyed

There are pretty interesting questions regarding the Syria case, granted!

  • Do powerful nations have an obligation to help Syria prevent further war crimes?
  • Should the so-called international community use military force to bring peace to Syria?
  • Who would be in control of such force?
  • How can we make sure a military action will not end up in an endless occupation or will provoke guerrilla warfare?

The UN Security Council has certainly had enough time in the previous two years of civil war in Syria to analyse the previous questions. Up until now we have seen nothing but idleness; however it seems the United States of America and the United Kingdom are now ready to intervene. What took them so long?

Sadly we can only sit back and wait for them to make the right decision.

August 28th, 2013.





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