Mass vomiting on board

Gastro outbreak!

Most long-haul flights are bound to be an uncomfortable mess but people always try to find a way to get through. Sometimes however, things could turn into a complete icky disaster. That was the case in a Santiago – Sydney Qantas flight.

At least 25 Australian passengers received emergency medical attention as soon as the aircraft landed after a 14-hour flight from Santiago (Chile). Flight attendants had to deal with the situation aboard and moved the most critical patients passengers to the back of the plane where 4 toilets are situated.

They’ve known [the crew] for some time in the air that sickness was aboard so they were able to call through and organise for the appropriate authorities to greet the aircraft at the arrival, and those passengers were quarantined: Luke Enright.

QF28 An icky mess!
QF28 An icky mess!

According to the New South Wales state health authority, the passengers developed vomiting and diarrhoea consistent with norovirus infection, a common cause of outbreaks of gastroenteritis in Australia and elsewhere.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the ill passengers from flight QF28 are high school students who have now been discharged from hospital. According to this source, the plane was quarantined and then disinfected after all passengers and crew members disembarked.

At this point it is unclear how many passengers were on board and whether received all proper treatment or not. A Boeing 747-400 has a seating capacity of up to 416 passengers in a 3-class configuration.

Qantas boeing 747

I can only add I am happy I was not on that flight.

August 2nd, 2013.




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