The Gladiator sequel we (fortunately) will never get to watch

“You sort that out!”



As an avid movies’ fan, I’m always waiting for a sequel of a cherished motion picture. Sometimes though, I feel grateful for sequels which never got past pre-production, like this one.


Australian musician (also screenwriter) Nick Cave, has claimed he was approached by Russel Crowe to draft a script for the sequel film of ‘Gladiator’, where Crowe played the lead role of Maximus Decimus Meridius. As we all know, Maximus died in a fight against the Emperor himself (didn’t really need to say spoiler alert, right?).


Crowe rang me up and asked if I wanted to write ‘Gladiator 2’ (…) For someone who had only written one film script, it was quite an ask, so I said “Hey Russell, didn’t you die in ‘Gladiator 1’?” and he said “Yeah, you sort that out”: Nick Cave.



Nick Cave


It has been reported the plot of Cave’s script involved Maximus’ path in the afterlife and the command from the gods to come back to Earth and kill certain controversial character named Jesus, who claims to be the god. Wicked, uh?


Anyhow, next time I run into Nick I’ll tell him “you better keep your day job mate!”.


‘Gladiator’ is a 2000 film, portraying the story of a fictional Roman general and his personal revenge against Emperor Commodus.


Maximus Decimus Meridius

July 15th, 2013.




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