Boeing delivers first Dreamliner to BA



British Airways has received its first Boeing 787 – Dreamliner in Heathrow Airport. The carrier has placed orders for 24 units of the Dremliner so far; however the scheduled commercial flights will not begin until September -according to USA Today-, flying from London to Toronto and New York.


British Airways is the second European carrier to receive the Dreamliner. The first one was LOT Polish Airlines.


BA dreamliner


The British Airways 787 Dreamliner carries 214 passengers and is configured with 35 seats in Club World, 25 in World Traveller Plus and 154 seats in the World Traveller cabin, according to Boeing.


The 787 is a tremendous, innovative aircraft which sets new standards for environmental performance and operating efficiency and I’m sure British Airways customers will love it. The 787 will become a mainstay of the British Airways fleet over the next few years: Willie Walsh, BA CEO.


The prone-to-malfunction Dreamliners have been grounded in the past due to a series of non-fatal incidents. Nevertheless Dreamliners have flown without restrictions since late April, 2013.


Mexican government* and Virgin Atlantic are among those in the waiting list who have not receive a Dreamliner yet.


DREAMLINER on its way to Heathrow

June 27th, 2013.




*For VIP transport.


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