Michael Douglas: “Oral sex gave me cancer”





American actor and producer, Michael Kirk Douglas (age 68) has made unusual remarks regarding the throat cancer he suffers since 2010. Catherine Zeta-Jones’ husband blamed cunnilingus (oral sex performed on a female) for his diagnostic:


Without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV which actually comes about from cunnilingus: Michael Douglas.


Apparently Mr. Douglas neglected to mention his history of cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking, as potential causes of the cancer he is suffering.


Dr. Nick RivieraHuman Papillomavirus infects the skin and the cells lining body cavities. It is spread through close skin-to-skin contact and accounts for the most common sexually transmitted infection in adults.


HPV types associated with cancer are called oncogenic or ‘high risk’ types; 13 have been recognised by the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer.  HPV types that do not cause cancer are termed ‘low risk’.  Two of these ‘low risk’ types cause genital warts. HPV types are referred to by number (assigned in the order in which they were discovered).

HPV infections are extremely common in the sexually active population and are particularly common in the first few years after onset of sexual activity.


Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in females worldwide and is the 11th most common cancer in females in the UK. HPV is a necessary, although not sufficient, cause of cervical cancer.  Over 70% of cervical cancers are attributed to two types: HPV 16 and 18. High risk HPV infections are also associated with cancer of the penis, vulva, vagina, anus, mouth and oro-pharynx. HPA.org.uk.


At this point it is unclear if Mr. Douglas’s spouse carries the HPV virus and if the cunnilingus is in fact the cause of the illness; however some conspiracy theorists believe Douglas is taking a stand against oral sex with this controversial remark of his. Some others fear this controversy might be used to ban oral sex in pubs or other places:


@frankieboyle: I’m worried that these Michael Douglas revelations mean they’re going to ban cunnilingus in pubs


Cunnilingus is an ancient technique and in some cultures is revered as a spiritually fulfilling practice, believed to enhance longevity (Taoism).


What do you think?


June 3rd, 2013.




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