Pope Francis performs an exorcism

Crazy stuff!


Jorge Mario Bergoglio aka Pope Francis has performed an exorcism in public, according to The Telegraph.

An exorcism is the religious practice of evicting demons or spiritual entities from a person which they are believed to have possessed. Therefore one must be a religious person in order to believe in such practice*.

The alleged exorcism took place in broad daylight on May 19th, 2013, according to the source. The so-called representative of god on Earth placed both hands on the supposedly possessed man, who convulsed shortly afterwards. This has been taken as a sign the exorcism was successful.

Francis "the Exorcist"?
Francis “the Exorcist”?

The pope is also the Bishop of Rome, and like any bishop he is also an exorcist (…) It was a real exorcism: Father Gabriele Amorth, head of the International Association of Exorcists.

The Daily Mail reports this is not the first time a Pontiff has carried out an exorcism in public:

In 2000, Pope John Paul II performed an exorcism on a young woman who screamed and uttered blasphemies during a weekly audience. He spent half an hour praying with the woman, who had a history of possession, before leaving. However, the exorcism did not work and she remained possessed. Daily Mail.

The assumed possessed person is a 43-year old man from Mexico and was sitting on a wheelchair when the action took place.

Bergoglio was recently elected by Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church as the 266th pope. His election came as a surprise, given he was not deemed as one of the preferiti to succeed Joseph Ratzinger.

May 21st, 2013.


*I, on the other hand, am not, so I don’t believe in exorcisms, demons and spiritual entities. However I find this news utterly bizarre and felt the need to share it with you.


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  1. As far as I know, exorcism is a ritual act, and this looked more like just offering comfort to a guy having convulsions. Holding a person who is having convulsions is usually considered first aid. .. and I suppose if one is a priest, you throw in a bit of praying… not an exorcism, but that sounds better to sensationalist publications like The Daily Mail.

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