Corona Capital 2013 official line-up

According to Mexico’s most influential blogger, Sopitas, the official line-up for the Corona Capital Festival 2013 has been unveiled.

Corona Capital 2013 official line-up by Sopitas
Corona Capital 2013 official line-up released by on May 20th.

Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane, Stereophonics and Travis (among many others) are supposedly scheduled to appear in this event to be held in Mexico City on October 12th, and 13th, the bands, however have not yet issued any official confirmation on their respective websites.

Corona Capital Festival has been sponsored since 2010 by the worldwide renowned beer Corona®, held by Grupo Modelo which is partially owned by brewing giants Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Ticketmaster will be in charge of the distribution of the tickets which according to practice will take place many, many weeks before the event. In the past, Ticketmaster and OCESA have been linked to unfair selling methods; journalist Juan Pablo Proal (@juanpabloproal) has blamed OCESA for prostituting music and entertainment in Mexico [es].

May 20th, 2013.






Sopitas com










A few minutes after this post was published, Sopitas changed the line-up he had unveiled previously, now removing Miles Kane’s act. At this point it is uncertain if the English musician will be performing in the festival or not; nevertheless, Sopitas is fully authorized to divulge the official line-up, including all its changes, so if you feel the need to check it out you can do so by clicking here [es].


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