Marsh launches insurance policy in case of terrorism and organized crime in Mexico

Anti-drug lord insurance? Sure, why not?


Marsh, world leader in insurance broking and risk management continues to innovate, now with a product specially designed for customers with operations in violence-struck Mexico.

The most optimistic figures show that more than 60,000 people have been killed in Mexico since late 2006, as a consequence of a crackdown on drug cartels. In 2013 with a new president (Enrique Peña) the violence has not been eradicated and executions, beheadings and ferocious drug-related deaths are sadly common. The victims are not only gang members and security forces but civilians including foreigners as well.

In this grim context, easily comparable to the one lived in any war-struck nation, the Mexican branch of Marsh [es] has launched a product for clients seeking for insurance cover in case of suffering any of the following events:

  • Act of terrorism
  • Act of sabotage
  • Organized crime activity
  • Act of violence as a consequence of operations between government and a criminal organization
  • Act of violence as a consequence of a dispute between criminal organizations

According to the insurer, the product is brand-new and it is specially designed for corporations operating in Mexico. The product offers a coverage of up to 25 million dollars (£ 16’290, 000).

This form of casualty insurance policy against organized crime and terrorism, might come in handy to the thousands of corporations suffering the disruption caused by violence and an obviously inefficient government, powerless to bring the bloodshed to an end.

May 12th, 2013





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