Luis Suárez and his record of violence, handballs and racial abuse

Uruguay’s finest


Luis Suárez, formerly known as “the cannibal of Ajax” has pulled yet another one of his classics illegal manoeuvres. The Uruguayan striker bit Branislav Ivanović at Anfield yesterday, minutes before he scored a much sought equaliser in the clash against Chelsea.

Earlier in the match, Suárez put his team on a tough position because he illegally handled the ball inside the box, giving away a penalty kick (scored by Eden Hazard). The Uruguayan was booked for the handball, which means he should have at least been booked again (and consequently sent off) after his biting incident on Ivanović.

Football fans and analysts around the globe have expressed their outrage following Suárez’s deeds; an unidentified newspaper called Suárez “the biggest dickhead in world football”. Granted! They may have gone too far, but let’s not forget Suárez has shown complete disregard for Fair Play rules (just before signing for Liverpool, Suárez landed a seven-match ban for biting PSV Eindhoven midfielder Otman Bakkal) and has even been punished for racial abuse on the pitch. Without any doubt, Suárez is a repeat offender and a definitive penalty is unquestionably in order.

SUAREZ Luis  the biggest dickhead

Suárez’s recidivism however, is not considered serious by a small group of people (and maybe a large bunch of Uruguayans), including Brendan O’Neill, who thinks those who judge Suárez are wrong because football is not “any job”:

The main mistake people are making is that they are treating football as an ordinary, everyday profession. And, they say, just as we wouldn’t accept doctors biting nurses, or lawyers sinking their teeth into barristers in the middle of a courtroom (…) but football is not “any job”; it is very different to the jobs done by us mere non-footballing mortals. Name me one other job that involves being cheered by 50,000 people, and watched by millions more, as you fight tooth and nail to humiliate and defeat an opposing team. Brendan O’Neill.

In the meantime, the club has already fined Suárez and he may receive anger management counselling. My opinion is the same as it was before: Suárez is a disgrace and he should be banned from Premier League given his reprehensible record of racial abuse and violence.


April 22nd, 2013.





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