Whatever happened to the Amero?

Do you remember that guy who used to claim there would be a currency crash and a new currency called Amero would emerge? His name is Hal Turner, he is an American radio host and blogger. A few years ago he used to urge people to open foreign bank accounts and convert their US dollars into any other denominations (excluding Euro) in preparation to what he called “the most elaborate robbery, the biggest incident of looting in the history of the world”.

According to Turner’s allegations, the US government crafted the collapse of the US dollar as a currency. “A lot of people thought it was a hoax, ladies and gentlemen, it wasn’t a hoax”, he said. Supposedly, Canada, Mexico and the US would merge their currencies by February 2009.

Now we know his remarks were nothing less than false and his advice was not only useless but probably cost a lot of money for those who took it.

Four years after the date when the US dollar would crash according to Turner’s inaccurate predictions, I ask myself, where the hell is this wanker? What is he doing and what kind of lies is he telling now? Are people still following him? If I write this is obviously because I can’t be arsed to dignify his blog or website with a visit.

Anyhow, this is a clear example of the misinformation which can be spread throughout the World Wide Web.

April 1st, 2013.





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