Who is this Angelo Scola guy?



One of the most ancient religious rituals is about to take place this Tuesday, March 12th, when the leaders of the Catholic Church will lock themselves inside the magnificent Sistine Chapel (home of Michelangelo’s most famous frescoes) in order to elect a new pontiff for the more than 1.2 billion catholics worldwide.


The Achbishop of Milan, Italian cardinal Angelo Scola has been identified as one of the preferiti to succeed Mr. Joseph Ratzinger as the so-called representative of Christ on Earth.


Mr. Scola has philosophy and theology studies and holds two doctorates from different academic institutions. After the death of Karol Wojtyła, Scola was named as a potential successor however Mr. Ratzinger was elected.


Cardinal Scola (ITA).
Cardinal Scola (ITA).



Scola’s reviewers consider he is against such relevant issues as birth control, abortion, genetic engineering and homosexuality (which he would consider to be originated by feminism). On the other hand, The Telegraph has informed Scola leads the reformist bloc looking ahead this week’s conclave.


According Business Insider, Mr. Scola is the “clear favourite” to bear the Ring of the Fisherman:


At the Vatican, Angelo Scola (from Milan) is the clear favorite.

And the question is whether a pope from somewhere else can emerge as the anti-Scola: Business Insider.


Peter Erdo and Odilo Pedro Scherer are some of the other names being called among the cardinals who could be appointed during the conclave. The truth is in most regions of the catholic map, people believe their own cardinal has chance in the election. One example of this peculiar situation can be found in Mexico were newspaper El Universal [es] claims cardinal Francisco Robles Ortega has been identified as a strong candidate.


Cardinal Scherer (BRA) The next pope?
Cardinal Scherer (BRA) The next pope?


Only the white smoke (fumata bianca) will let the world know if the Catholics have a new leader.


March 12th, 2013.





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