If Wenger leaves Arsenal…


Who is the right man for the job?



On January 2012 (a year ago) I wrote on this blog: Too much has been said in the last few days about Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger. The unfortunate results of the North London side in the recent fixtures have motivated people and even fans to ask for the French coach immediate dismissal. Regrettably things have not changed a bit.


The defeat last night in the UEFA Champions League match against Bayern München has sparked a series of bitter reactions among fans and even Wenger himself, who according to The Guardian has effectively conceded Arsenal are to endure an eighth successive campaign without a trophy by admitting it may be easier for his side to qualify for next year’s Champions League rather than extend their run in this season’s competition:


Look, we’ll have two battles but maybe the easier battle will be to be back in the Champions League: Arsène Wenger.


As the team stands on the edge of an eighth season without success, many, many followers are not happy with Wenger’s job as boss and urge for his removal.  The question then is who is the right man for the job?


And it is a question with no easy answer, given the team’s failure to attract top talents in strategic positions and (even worse) the inability to retain the club’s most valuable assets over the last few years (Nasri, Fábregas, van Persie, should I go on?). As you’ve probably realized my point is, if Wenger gets the sack, who is going to be appointed in his place? All the top managers already have a job for next season (Guardiola, for instance is going to München) or are aiming for different clubs other than Arsenal. No other top coach has aimed for Emirates Stadium for next season; and make no mistake, a second-rate coach will do no better than the Frenchman.


Łukasz Podolski (Arsenal)
Łukasz Podolski (Arsenal)


In the meantime, Thomas Vermaelen (captain in last match) insists:


He is the right man for this club and we are all behind him. He has done a lot for this club and still does a lot of hard work for us. We have to show it on the pitch. The results are not going for us, it’s quite difficult but we will work hard with him to get the results back: Thomas Vermaelen.


Only time will tell if Vermaelen is right.


February 20th, 2013.



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