Spanish tourists raped in Acapulco

GUERRERO playa bonfil


One of the worst cases of sexual violence against tourists in the country in recent years: Will Grant (BBC).



Six Spanish women were raped by masked and armed men on February 4th, 2013. The aggressors broke into the tourists’ shack and tied other people in the same group (including a Mexican woman) before the sexual attack took place.


The crime occurred in an exclusive tourist zone of Acapulco, Guerrero, known as ‘Acapulco Diamante’, according to reports by Spanish newspaper El País [es].


According to Major Luis Walton, police are looking for the attackers and a criminal investigation is underway. He also stated the Spanish tourists (men and women) are in touch with their embassy and have already received consular assistance.


Friends or foes? Masked self-defence groups in Guerrero (Mexico)


Violence is common in the state of Guerrero, where at least two major drug cartels operate, particularly in the mountains. As a response to the unprecedented wave of violence originated by organized crime (and the so-called war against it) in the last few weeks, several communities have put together self-defence armed groups of masked people (called grupos de autodefensa in Spanish) as well as popular courts.  Local government however remains as a powerless spectator, unable to provide safety and justice to the aggravated communities.


Alcozauca, Acatepec, Ayutla, San Marcos and Zapotitlán Tablas are among the municipalities where the self-defence groups are currently operating and carrying out law-enforcement activities including the administration of security checkpoints, surveillance rounds and even arrests.


Self-defence group in Guerrero takes care of checkpoints and other law-enforcement activities.


Acapulco remains clear of self-defence vigilantes for the moment, so further investigations related to the sexual attack to Spanish tourist will be conducted by local government led by Major Walton.


February 5th, 2013.





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