Super Bowl facts




American popular culture is no stranger to massive events broadcasted to large audiences around the world.  Super Bowl is one of them.  Each year two teams of the National Football League take part in a single championship game to win the Vice Lombardi Trophy.


According to Wikipedia, the day the Super Bowl is played is considered a de facto American national holiday.


With this in mind, we now take a look at tome interesting facts regarding the “Super Sunday”:


  • Super Bowl has become famous worldwide not only for being a major sports event, but also for its halftime show.  Michael Jackson (1993), U2 (2002) Paul Mc Cartney (2005), The Rolling Stones (2006) and Madonna (2012), among many other top personalities have performed in the Super Bowl halftime show.  This year, American pop singer Beyoncé Knowles will headline the spectacle.





  • 15 different regions have hosted, or are scheduled to host, Super Bowls.  Miami and New Orleans are the regions with most Super Bowls hosted (10 each); the 48th edition of the Super Bowl however is scheduled to take place in New Jersey for the first time. Southern cities are more likely to host this event due to the extreme conditions the winter can represent in some of the northern states.



  • According to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, $150 million USD is the amount of money a Super Bowl can bring to the region hosting the event. That includes money spent by fans, sponsors, media and other visitors.[1]



  • Get ready to lose the belt! “Super Sunday” is the second-largest day for US food consumption after Thanksgiving.  The National Chicken Council reports 1.23 billion chicken wings are eaten in the US during the Super Bowl.  Furthermore, Domino’s pizza delivers around 11 million pies during that particular date. One more? Sure, why not? Football fans are anticipated to consume an estimated 79 million pounds[2] (35.8 million kilos) of Hass avocados during the “Big Game” (bring on the guacamole!).





  • For the first time in the history of the NFL (and probably in the history of professional sports) Super Bowl XLVII will feature a family feud in a championship game, as siblings John and Jim Harbaugh take part as opposing head coaches.


Got another fun fact about the “Big Game”? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section.


Super Bowl XLVII


February 1st, 2013.



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