Dreamliners grounded in the US

Safety concerns

The Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) has finally grounded the Boeing 787 (aka Dreamliner) fleet operating in the United States of America, following a series of glitches and malfunctions over the last few days.

However the primary users of this jetliner are not American companies. All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines are the carriers with more Dreamliners in service. United Airlines is currently the only US airline operating the 787.

United Airlines 787 Dreamliner Paint Rollout

Emergency landings and even cabins on fire have been involved in the incidents of the last few days, nevertheless, casualties have not been reported so far. Such incidents have been reportedly caused by malfunctions of the battery packs.

Reuters reports manufacturer’s (Boeing) shares have fallen 2 percent in the hours after the FAA announcement.

Around 890 orders have been placed globally for this prone-to-malfunction aircraft, but only 49 have been delivered so far.  Mexican government is one of the operators in the waiting list.

The announcement by the FAA is expected to delay deliveries even further.  In the meantime, I wouldn’t feel comfortable boarding a Dreamliner…

January 16th, 2013.



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