Dreamliner on fire!

Boeing 787 Japan Airlines 


Boeing’s 787 is under pressure again, after one of the units caught fire at Massachusetts (USA) following an uneventful landing.  According to The Telegraph, passengers were able to disembark normally before the incident took place.


Reportedly an electrical malfunction involving the battery pack for the plane’s auxiliary power unit, was the cause of the fire, which was controlled by the fire crew within 20 minutes, according to Sky News.


Japan Airlines (owner of the unit which caught fire) has not released any statements regarding the event.


The Dreamliner has been involved in a series of minor incidents like this one, leading to a delay in deliveries.  British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and even the Mexican government (for VIP transport) have already placed orders to get the wide-body jetliner.  So far, All Nippon Airways is the primary user of the Dreamliner.


Boeing 787 Dreamliner


According to Wikipedia, the unit cost for the cheapest version of the Dreamliner surpasses the 206 million dollars.

January 8th, 2012.


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