Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darknness


The official trailer of the second instalment of Star Trek directed by J. J. Abrams has emerged, why don’t you take a look before we go any further?



The proper trailer in IMAX™ 3D will be released on December 14th. Zachary Quinto (Spock) Chris Pine (Kirk), Karl Urban (McCoy) and Simon Pegg (Scott), among other stars from previous instalment will take part in the film.  British actor Benedict Cumberbatch (‘War Horse’ and ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’) is reportedly portraying the villain character, although no further official details on the matter are available.


I really enjoyed the previous film so I hope this one will not disappoint me; however I must say I found this teaser trailer less than appealing.


The film is scheduled for release on May 17th in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Mexico.


Star Trek Into Darknness teaser poster

December 7th, 2012.



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