In-flight rules for the Abercrombie jet



No problem Mr. Jeffries


Abercombie & Fitch™, self-described as an all-American lifestyle brand of clothing is no strange to controversy; however, this time we get to know about the particular rules for staff on board the company’s executive jet.



As you know, employees are in fact models who appear in the marketing campaigns, but they are also stewards aboard the Gulfstream G550 which is used for executive transport.  Models/stewards are required to wear boxer briefs, flip-flops and the brand’s cologne (Fierce™?), according to The Telegraph.


It has also been revealed the employees serving on the jet, must respond to the executives’ requests in a specific way.


Staff are instructed to respond to Mr Jeffries’ requests in a specific way. “When Michael, Matthew [Smith, Mr Jeffries’ partner], or a guest make a request, respond by saying ‘No problem.’ This should be used in place of phrases like, ‘sure’ or, ‘just a minute’,” the manual states.


The Guardian reports male flight crew are told to present themselves clean shaven in a uniform of Abercrombie polo shirts, boxer briefs, jeans, flip-flops and gloves (black for when handling silverware and white for laying the table) while working on Abercrombie chief executive Michael Jeffries’ executive jet.


Game Day Party look (fall 2012). Available at


“Aircraft Standards” also instruct models to carry the staff member’s cellular telephone at all times when on duty (it is part of the uniform, it says).  Besides, models have to make sure the current issues of following magazines are available: Elle, The Economist, Fortune, Vanity Fair and Vogue (among others).


Mike S. Jeffries (68), the gay CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch has previously faced investor pressure over excessive use of the company’s jet.  Lawsuits have been filed in more than one country against the company due to alleged discriminatory employment practices.


October 19th, 2012.




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