Should Puyol retire?


I was having a nice conversation with a good  friend who thinks Carles Puyol has become a prone-to-injury footballer who should retire shortly or at least at the end of this season.


As you now, in his most recent UEFA Champions League™ appearance, Puyol dislocated his elbow in a dreadful manner.



But, why should he retire anyway? The Catalonian defender is not that old (34) although I reckon his prime may have passed. In any case my friend argues Puyol is more than an accomplished player who has won it all!


  • He has won the La Liga title with his team 5 times.
  • Has lifted the Copa del Rey with his club twice.
  • Three times he and his team have won the UEFA Champions League.
  • He is champion of the world and champion of Europe with his national team (FIFA World Cup™ and UEFA European Football Championship™, correspondingly).
  • Shall I go on?


Unlike most of you, I’m definitely not a sucker for Barça and its players but in this case I have to admit Carles Puyol is far more than outstanding. Should he choose to retire at the end of this season, he will have done so having won it all, and would say good-bye as a truly remarkable icon in professional football.



October 3rd, 2012.




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