Prince Harry naked


Is it really a big deal?



A couple of extremely low-quality images of HRM Henry Charles Albert David (a.k.a. Prince Harry of Wales) partying au naturel in a Las Vegas hotel room have emerged. The third-in-line to the throne was in a private holiday when the photographs were taken; according to reports the snaps depict the Prince of Wales playing strip billiards with unidentified friends.


It is likely the pictures will be banned or removed at some point; in the mean time you might as well take a look:



The images are owned by the American website TMZ; they were sold to the site for an estimated £10,000.00 according to The Telegraph*.



Now, why are those photographs a cause for major concern? In fact, why is it that pictures of anyone starkers seem to be a big deal nowadays? I mean, everyone has access to a camera in 2012 (mobile, tablet, an actual camera), everyone gets naked at some point, even publicly, so why is it that people goes bonkers when pictures of someone unclothed appear in a cheap tabloid or in the web?


In this day and age of instant stardom, people famous for being famous gets photographed in the raw almost on a daily basis; however for others this keeps being of interest. 


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When a royal (not a self-proclaimed celebrity) is the one in the picture, attention is caught possibly for the fact that people want to see their royals involved in ordinary situations… maybe they want to feel identified with the subject which is caught in common circumstances.


Hey look! Prince Harry parties naked with his friends, just like we did last Friday!


Anyhow, snaps of Prince Harry nude might not be a big deal to me or to some of this post’s readers however it may be a serious issue for the House of Windsor due to the Prince’s questionable judgment and ability to represent the Queen as a senior royal statesman*.


August 22nd, 2012.


*The Telegraph.


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