Bombardier CSeries



Reduced environmental impact and unsurpassed economics*


Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace (a division of Bombardier Inc.) is developing a new airliner which could compete with Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 but with a considerable reduction of fuel consumption, more advanced technology and reduced environmental impact. Just one thing though, the prototypes have not flown yet.


Bombardier, however, states the CSeries aircraft are scheduled to enter into service in 2013.  According to Wikipedia 138 orders have been placed so far. Guy C. Hachey (COO) revealed the first flights are scheduled for the end of 2012. Flight testing stage will consist of an efficient 12-month flight test program.


CSeries flight deck © Bombardier



CSeries will use Pratt & Whitney PurePower® engines which offer reduced emissions, reduced noise and reduced fuel burn. Manufacturer affirms noise reduction isn’t just responsible, it’s profitable.


Flying directly to the airport means no circumventing neighbourhoods, which means even more fuel savings:


CSeries upsized windows © Bombardier


Passenger comfort seems to be also a priority.  CSeries will feature a window at every seat row with generous height and viewing angles, as well as upsized seats and luggage bins.


CSeries extra large pivot bins © Bombardier


When it comes to comfort, passenger expectations are constantly rising. Every CSeries aircraft configuration is designed to deliver widebody feel in a single-aisle aircraft, for an enhanced travel experience and customer satisfaction operators can rely on:


Bombardier seems confident, and assures CSeries 99% reliability at entry into service, and 99.5% reliability 2 years after entry into service.


CS100 © Bombardier


Swiss International Air Lines AG (a subsidiary of Lufthansa) will be operating CS100 and CS300 units in Western Europe.


Is Bombardier making Airbus and Boeing nervous with this untested project? Perhaps not, but we’ll be wide awake to look if this CSeries is really going to change the rules for narrow-body jetliners.


CS300 © Bombardier


July 12th, 2012.







  1. Excellent aircraft super design of the wings and fuselage the brand new engines on this body will just be supreme as the wind…the cockpit is out of this planet…the interior passenger windows are (Airbus380) big and comfortable to rest a shoulder…This aircraft is like the prodigal son of the Boeing 737 and its mother ship Airbus light as a feather and cousin of the Embraer 175…After another 9 Months according to Bombardier (delayed)
    This will be the ultimate machine of the future light as a feather …” How much Fuel asks the fueller to the second flight officer…! …”Just sprinkle a little bit…should be more than enough…” This should have all the environmentalists and Tree huggers going on a “trip”

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