The Dark Knight Rises ultimate official trailer


A fire will rise


I have been waiting a long time for this movie to be released.  We’ve had it all! Unofficial teasers, fake posters, fan-made imagery, leaked pictures from the set, etcetera.  Now we have the last trailer where we can see Bane dropping the cape crusader’s destroyed mask, Selina Kyle driving Mr. Wayne’s astonishing Lamborghini, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in that mysterious role as a cop (you know, die-hard fans argue he will be something else, something big!). Well, take a look:



Whether Bane will break Batman’s back (as in Knightfall) or not is still uncertain, I don’t particularly enjoy this kind of speculation; I rather see the actual film and find out.


Bane tumbler
Gotham’s reckoning


It will be interesting to discover if Bane will become the star of the film as the Joker did in the previous instalment.  Tom Hardy certainly had a complicated task to perform and soon we’ll see if he was up to it.  I don’t expect Nolan and his team to make a better movie than the last one, I just expect them to deliver a motion picture “just as good”.


June 21st, 2012.



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