Gimme The Power documentary film

Movie poster Gimme The Power




Mexican filmmaker Olallo Rubio presents his documentary film about the band Molotov, its career since its beginnings back in the nineties and the left-wing political views of its members.






Well, now you’ve seen the official trailer you can tell it seems to be actually about politics rather than music; inconspicuously, the film is scheduled for release just one month before the presidential election takes place, therefore, with any luck (if it becomes a box-office success[1]) it could be still in theatres the day of the election.




Ismael “Tito” Fuentes, Miguel Ángel “Huidos” Huidobro, Juan Francisco “Paco” Ayala and Randall “Randy” Ebright are Molotov.  They have recently released their first live album under the title “Desde Rusia con Amor” (from Russia with Love), recorded in 2010.




Olallo Rubio


After rock radio station Radioactivo 98.5 FM was shut down, Rubio (already an opinion leader for many Mexicans easily excited about his eloquence, wittiness and aggressiveness) began to write for newspapers and even co-founded a music magazine.  In 2007 he made his filmmaking debut with the work “So, What’s Your Price?”, followed by the not-acclaimed “This Is Not a Movie” featuring Edward Furlong and Slash in charge of the original score.


Olallo Rubio & Molotov
Director Olallo Rubio & Molotov

May 26th, 2012.


[1] Unlikely.


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