Heat wave hits the UK


It’s hot in Britain!


Britons are facing a sizzling heat wave this week with temperatures expected to hit 29°C throughout the weekend.


Sunbathers are hitting landmark sites like Hyde Park, as well as the South East beaches, but they have been warned they will burn in 30 minutes as the UV Index reaches level 7, normally seen only in the height of summer, while health chiefs told everyone to drink more water to avoid exhaustion and heatstroke[1].



According to The Sun[2], ice cream salesmen, who have been washed out for weeks have enjoyed busy days and seafront traders have been delighted with this weather. Five million sausages -70% more than normal- are expected to fly off supermarket shelves over the weekend as the country makes the most of the mini heat wave, as informed by the Daily Mail[3].



By the look of things, British ladies do know how to spend a day out in the sun, kudos to them!


May 24th, 2012.



Oh, and it seems in this extreme weather conditions, the zoos are taking proper care of their felines too!

Images courtesy of PA, Getty and The Sun.


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