Guardiola confirms he’s leaving Barcelona


It would’ve been a bad idea to continue




Catalan coach ‘Pep’ Guardiola announced he is leaving Barça at the end of the season.  Guardiola delivered the announcement today at Nou Camp alongside Sandro Rossell and legendary goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta (now the club’s sporting director).


That passion so necessary to continue, so the players listen to you disappears after four years (…) You can only recover that by resting. It would have been a bad idea to continue. Perhaps we wouldn’t have gone wrong but I had the perception it would. I could not run the risk that it would go wrong. It is my time to go: Josep Guardiola.


Josep Guardiola i Sala took the reins of FC Barcelona in 2008, after managing the B-team.  With Barça’s senior team, ‘Pep’ achieved a total of 73.22% wins, collecting over 10 titles, including the FIFA™ Club World Cup, and the UEFA Champions League™, both of them twice.


On a personal note I’d like to say I think Guardiola’s announcement has nothing to do with the results of current season and this week’s elimination from the UEFA Champions League™.  The time has come for Guardiola to prove his real quality with a whole new squad, without Messi, Iniesta and company.  If he is to attest he is at the same level Mourinho is, as one of the world’s finest coaches, he must succeed with whichever team that appoints him as boss.


It has been said Italian tycoon Silvio Berlusconi wants to hire Pep Guardiola for A.C. Milan, however at this point nothing is certain about Guardiola’s professional future.


Who the hell is Tito Vilanova?



Oh, yes! If Guardiola is leaving, who now will be in charge of the culé squad.  His assistant, Tito Vilanova is taking the big job in the summer.


Tito Vilanova is a former footballer, he’s from Catalunya, and had dull career on the pitch with only 26 La Liga appearances in three years.  The Telegraph recalls Vilanova hit the headlines at the beginning of the season when Real Madrid coach José Mourinho poked him the in the eye during Barcelona’s 3-2 defeat of Real Madrid in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup at the Nou Camp.  

April 27th, 2012.






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