The Heart Attack Grill did it again!

Oh yes, one of this blog’s favourites, The Heart Attack Grill, has claimed another victim, according to The Telegraph[1].



The Las Vegas branch of the hospital-themed diner saw last weekend its second patron in this year collapsing while eating one of the house specialties, the Double Bypass Burger®.  The customer (a woman whose name shall remain unknown) was rushed to an actual hospital by the emergency medical technicians, and now is recovering from a suspected cardiac arrest.


According to the “legal opinion” issued by Yahoo! LifeStyle this woman will not be able to sue the restaurant to cover her medical bills:


There is no medical evidence that eating a high-fat, high calorie burger can immediately trigger a heart attack. However, a greasy diet can add to the risk of heart and other problems.


There is also the legal risk a patron assumes when taking part in an activity which may cause injury–say for instance, eating at a place called The Heart Attack Grill and ordering a “Double Bypass Burger”.


The restaurant does provide a disclaimer to its customers:”This Establishment is Bad for Your Health” signs warn. Also, the calorie-laden “Double Bypass Burger” comes with two half-pound burger patties and several slices of bacon (with the option to add more). Yahoo! LifeStyle.


Let us remember The Heart Attack Grill offers unlimited free food “all day – every day” to anyone who is over 160 kilos (350 Lbs).   Sounds like a great deal to me.


Nor the American Heart Association, neither the European Society of Cardiology have issued a statement regarding the menu of The Heart Attack Grill and its flagship sandwich, the Bypass Burger.



"Doctor" Jon Basso


The Heart Attack Grill – Taste worth dying for.

April 25th, 2012.



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