No more Balotelli?

According to British media, Mario Balotelli won’t play anymore for Manchester City this season.



After last night’s defeat against Arsenal, City boss Roberto Mancini talked about the striker’s behaviour and possible future with the club:


I have finished my work with him, I am finished today, but I love him as a guy (…) he is not a bad guy and he is a fantastic player but at this moment I am very sorry for him as he is continuing to lose his talent and his quality (…) I hope he understands he is in a bad way for his future and he must change his behaviour. He will not play again (this season) and I will probably try to sell him in the summer (…) He is a fantastic player but I can’t continue to have Mario on the pitch. We have problems every time: Roberto Mancini.


Sensationalist tabloid The Sun reported Balotelli’s tackle on Arsenal player was the cause of Mancini’s decision:


A horror tackle on Arsenal’s Alex Song has cost him his Manchester City career. Balotelli saw red in the last minute for a second booking: Andrew Dillon (The Sun).


However, The Telegraph informs Balotelli’s agent stated his client won’t be sold at the end of the season and this is just a “misunderstanding”.


In the meantime, we can only be sure about one thing: this is not the last episode to the Balotelli lame soap opera, and let’s not forget Mancini has given this kind of statements in the past, regarding Argentinean Carlos Tevez, who is by the way, back with the team.


Furthermore, you can watch the interview Noel Gallagher held with Mario Balotelli on Football Focus on BBC 1, more details here.  On the matter, Gallagher stated:


Legged it up to Manchester that night as I had been invited to go and watch Man City train!! What an honour. Fuck me them boys can play. Got to meet and do an interview with the man simply known as . . . Balotelli. It was filmed by the BBC so you’ll be able to see it soon. WHAT A DRUID!!! That kid truly does not give a flying fuck about anything: Noel Gallagher.



Manchester City Football Club is currently runner-up in Barclays Premier League with 71 points, 8 away from leader Manchester United.

April 9th, 2012.



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