Airbus A380 fleet to face more inspections





The entire fleet of Airbus A380 airliners (68) will be inspected for wing cracks, following an order issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).  Earlier this year, a check of 20 A380 jets was performed after cracks were found in wing components, allegedly constructed in North Wales.


Qantas, the third largest operator of A380 (12 jets) announced today it had temporarily grounded an A380 after discovering 36 new cracks, according to The Guardian.



The news seem to pose no threat to the future of the A380.  According to the manufacturer, there are still 185 orders for the A380 (68 out of 253 have been delivered).


Last year at Le Bourget, an A380 suffered a minor collision which caused damage to one of its wingtips.  It seems anything regarding the ‘Superjumbo’ is worth reporting uh? However, for passengers’ relief, let us remember no A380 has been involved in a fatal incident so far.


Safe operation of the [A380] planes is not affected: Airbus (via


In the first three years of service, around 15 million passengers have flown in the A380.


February 8th, 2012.



Sources: The Guardian and


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