Super Bowl XLVI ready!

New England Patriots and New York Giants, representing the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference, respectively, will play on Sunday, February 5th, 2012 to decide the National Football League champion for the 2011 season.


For the first time, the Super Bowl will be played in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the Lucas Oil Stadium.


Tom Brady and Eli Manning are the quarterbacks scheduled to lead each of their offensive teams.  According to John Czarnecki, Manning has the edge:


Manning enters his second championship duel with a lot better resume and a fearless attitude. While attempting 64 passes against a heroic San Francisco defense, Manning was hit 20 times, knocked down 12 times and sacked six times. There was more than one play where he seemingly had eyes in the back of his head as he dodged pocket pressure and somehow delivered another pass: John Czarnecki (Fox NFL Sunday).


However, it is not just about the quarterbacks.  Earlier tonight, New York Giants earned their ticket to the Super Bowl by means of a fumble recovery and a nifty intervention by placekicker Lawrence Tynes (Greenock, Scotland), who made a 31-yard shot on adverse conditions (rain and wind) during overtime.



As it is a tradition, the Super Sunday will enclose a dose of high-profile entertainment.  Madonna is scheduled to perform during the half-time show.


Pop Queen gives the finger


Inés Sainz


We’ll be watching of course, and we’ll be waiting to see if Ines Sainz becomes a sensation again during the Media Day.




January 22nd, 2012.




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