Adam Richman: long live the man!

Ambassador to all things delicious


American television personality, Adam Richman is the host of ‘Man V. Food Nation’, a show where he looks for fans all over the United States to take on the local food challenges, involving humungous and/or extraordinarily spiced dishes.


Formerly, the show featured Richman only (‘Man V. Food’) as he travelled across the country, tasting hamburgers, pizzas, burritos, tacos, hot wings, hot dogs and all sorts of popular American dishes, some of them prepared in custom-made appliances, in order to allow bigger portions.




Richman was born and raised in Brooklyn (NY), where he currently resides.  He’s 37 years-old and he’s eaten spectacular amounts of food while shooting his TV shows… how he keeps up and avoids a heart attack, I honestly don’t know, but I hope he continues doing it for a long time.  According to the Travel Channel, Adam relishes the role that allows him to become his viewer’s ambassador to all things delicious.



As long as he keeps gorging himself, and maybe even if death prevents him from keep doing so, Adam Richman will have a special place in this blog as a highly-distinguished personality in the food-enjoying business.


November 8th, 2011.




Man V. Food Nation Adam Richman


Notice: Stunts performed in ‘Man V. Food’ and ‘Man V. Food Nation’ are not endorsed neither encouraged by the American Heart Association.


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