Gaddaffi: The Man with the Golden Gun


Everybody knows by now the former Libyan dictator, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi ‘met his maker’ yesterday under rather uncertain circumstances.  Nobody knows exactly how Gaddafi died, whether he was shot in the head or beaten to death by an angry crowd of rebel fighters… it doesn’t really matter, the fact is the Colonel is now dead.


A particular detail about the tyrant’s death seems interesting though… during his darkest hour, probably inspired by Ian Flemming‘s novels, Colonel Gaddafi was armed with a golden gun.  However, according to The Telegraph and the Daily Mail, unlike Ian Flemming’s character, James Bond, Gaddafi’s weapon of choice was a 9 milimitres Browning Hi Power.  Let us remember Bond, the fictional character uses a Walther PPK, primarily.


Browning Hi Power 9mm


Rebel fighters reportedly took the golden gun from Gaddafi’s hands (while he was still alive) as a valuable trophy, however some reports indicate the weapon was used to put the Colonel out of his misery.


"Misurata will sleep very happily tonight": Dr. Suleiman Fortia



It was not the first golden weapon seized by rebels during this revolution.  Earlier this year, rebels took a golden Kalashnikov AK-47 from Gaddafi’s property.  It seems to me the Colonel thought he had a license to kill; nevertheless, the world was not enough for him to run and hide from those who wanted to hold him accountable for his crimes.


Trivia: Which famous dictator committed suicide with a Walther PPK pistol? (Answer at the bottom).

October 21st, 2011.













It is believed Adolf Hitler (a.k.a. the ‘Fürher’) shot himself in the head using a Walther PPK (7.65 milimitres), on April 30th, 2011.


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