Protest against the use of biofuel on an airliner

You would think the use of sustainable biofuel might be great for the environment, right?  An airline using biofuel in a commercial flight for the first time should be welcome as good news, don’t you think?


Thomson Airways in a bid to become "eco-friendly"



Well, as it turns out, there are people who frown upon the use of this kind of fuel, even to the point to demonstrate their malcontent completely naked.


Thomson Airways, a British charter airline used a half and half mix of used cooking oil and regular fuel in a Boeing 757 departing from Birmingham last Thursday.  According to environmental protesters stripped naked and covered in red paint, attempted to disrupt the aircraft’s take-off claiming rainforests were being wrecked to make way for biofuel plantations.


Naked protesters called themselves "Plane Stupid"



Vast tracts of rainforest, eco systems vital to halting climate change, are currently being trashed to make way for biofuel plantations.


Land that grows food is being stolen from some of the world’s poorest people so that it can start feeding planes. It’s a disaster: Chris Cooper (protester).




I don’t know, it seems to me people should welcome attempts to switch to sustainable energies in most aspects of day to day activities, what d’you reckon?

October 7th, 2011.







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