When surgery goes awfully wrong


Male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin. The foreskin is the fold of skin covering the end of the penis, which can be gently pulled back[1].  A Kentucky (USA) man, underwent such surgery as a treatment for an inflammation problem, however, the procedure did not go quite as planned.


Unforeseen circumstances



Instead of having his foreskin removed, Phillip Seaton found out the surgeon performed a penis amputation on him.


I pulled the dressing down, and I didn’t see nothing. Then I came out of the restroom and I said I’m getting the hell out of this damn hospital: Phillip Seaton.


According to the BBC the events took place four years ago but now, Mr. Seaton is taking legal action against Dr. John Patterson (urologist).  Seaton has already sued Jewish Hospital (where the surgery took place), but received an undisclosed amount of damages in an out-of-court settlement.




Dr. Patterson’s lawyer Clay Robinson, says the removal was necessary because his client found cancer during the surgery.  Post-surgical notes show the doctor thought he detected cancer and removed the penis. Lab tests confirmed Seaton had squamous cell carcinoma.


The BBC reports penile cancer is rare, with only 1,360 new cases and 320 deaths estimated in the USA in 2011.

August 24th, 2011.


Sources: BBC and Yahoo News.


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