Mexican co-pilot arrested for smuggling cocaine



First officer Ruben García García was arrested on August 18th 2011, by police at Barajas Airport (Madrid, Spain) with 42 kilos of cocaine, according to Mexican newspapers El Economista [es] and Milenio [es].


García arrived to Madrid as co-pilot in flight AMX001 of Mexican carrier Aeromexico. Milenio reports García is now at Soto del Real prison facility (Spain) and could face up to 9 years of prison term if convicted. Consular officials have already met with the detainee and he has received legal assistance by a public attorney.





This is the second time an aircrew of Aeromexico is involved in a drug smuggling incident. Last year three stewards of the same carrier were arrested at Barajas Airport, after they tried to smuggle in around 140 kilos of high-purity cocaine contained in 132 brick-shaped packs, according to Spanish newspaper El País [es].


With Mexicana de Aviación out of business, Aeromexico is the flag carrier airline of Mexico.

August 23rd, 2011.



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